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The Company

In 1950, the Merino family started the industrial activity of seasoning and selling olives. Their cooked green olives and Campo Real type, manufactured in Extremadura, had as firstly destination market the Spanish capital city. From its warehouses located in the center of Madrid, on Francisco Campos Street, olives were stocked with corner shops, markets and cafes. That fact allowed them to get to know and gain a prestige that encouraged them at the beginning of the 80s, to sell their olives throughout all the Spanish geography and to start a new stage of internationalization by making known the excellences of a product to which they have devoted a whole lifetime.


Quality, competitiveness and efficiency are the cornerstones that guide the activity of Merino Olives.

Merino Olives plc. was incorporated on September 12, 2011. Their new facilities located in Moraleja (Cáceres) count on with every technological developments in the sector for the manufacturing and packaging of olives.   The olives processed by Merino olives are selected from the origin.   The close collaboration we have with suppliers and farmers allows us to obtain raw material of excellent quality. This guarantees a final product complying with the quality standards committed to our customers.
Merino Olives’ management commitments to the competitiveness of our society to offer the best service at the lowest cost.
The efficiency in the management of the resources that we have is an angular piece in our organization. The proper use of our resources by our Company helps to reduce waste in our facilities promoting the respect of quality, environmental protection.